The Four Main Points of

  • Helping Families and Children who are living with an actively drinking Alcoholic.

      Giving them the support and help to know they are not alone and there are places to get help.
        Working with local government to get

    repeat DUI/DWI Offenders

      out from behind the wheel and off the road. So we can help Save Lives. The Life you save may be your own. Please support our efforts.
        Getting Healthcare Insurance companies to pay for

    Treatment for Alcoholics

      who choose to put the bottle down and enter a REHAB Facility to get sober. A 5 day stay only gets the alcohol out of an Alcoholic’s system. Treatment needs to be 2 – 4 weeks after Detoxification. Insurance compmanies need to step up and pay for counseling and medications that help Sober Alcoholics stay sober. Recovery is a long hard road. With no Insurance or financial support, if a recovering Alcoholic can not get the medications they may need, or the counseling with a therapist they may need, it is so easy to be back to drinking. It takes alot of support for an Alcoholic to get sober.

    To bring Alcoholism into the Social Media discussion. To bring Alcoholism out in the open, 80 million Americans are effected by Alcoholism and close to 30 million of those are children.